Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who do you think you are!?!?!?

Does anyone visit this blog anymore?!?!!? No?

Well here is a much needed update for anyone that still gives a darn. I Am finally drawing on a daily basis again. The result of this, drawing nothing like I used to.

To fight off the last of this tendonitis problem, I have switched to drawing entirely with a tablet(thanks to Louis), and Put the pens, and pencils aside for a little while, and focused on a lot of COLOUR. Futurama has been a huge influence in my colours, and re-watching Roger Rabbit seemed to inject me with some sort of need to create, as well as just adding more fun into my work in general. So more posts and lots more finished pieces can be expected.

I've also added more inspirational links down the bottom there, so take a look.

This flyboy creation was a collaboration between Brian Cleaver and Myself. You can check more of Brians photography HERE. And expect more from the both of us soon enough.